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The best weelchair passenger service

Actualizado: 6 de jun de 2019

AS-PHS is recognized as the best instruccional program for wheelchair passenger service.

This service is provided both at arrival and departure of our customer’s flights, and it is provided with personnel exclusively hired for this service, because our personnel is certified by FINDEDIS (FUNDACIÓN PARA LA INCLUSIÓN Y DESARROLLO DE PERSONAS CON DISCAPACIDAD, A.C.) (FOUNDATION FOR THE INCLUSION AND DEVELOPMENT OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, A.C.);

which consists of courses, workshops, training and awareness-raising talks on disability and inclusion.

We have 120 agents assigned to this activity.

Why we focus on training?

Governments and businesses are forced to involve associations of people with disabilities in the design of products and services for your group, as well as awareness-raising and training of the staff serving them.

In accordance with the standards national and international related to the air transport of passengers, the airlines are required to provide assistance to passengers with special needs of way RESPECTFUL and DIGNIFIED in conditions of SAFETY, RELIABILITY AND EFFICIENCY, ENSURING RESPECT FOR THEIR HUMAN RIGHTS.

These services must be provided with total empathy and without discrimination by qualified and regularly trained personnel.

What legal rules regulate the support of the airlines to people with needs special?

· 14 CFR Part 382. Nondiscrimation on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel. U.S. Department of Transportation.

· Application of the Circular compulsory CO SA-09.2/13 guidelines for the accessibility of persons with disabilities or disabled access to airport infrastructure and air transport service, issued by the Ministry of communications and Transport, through the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.



· Doc. 9984 ICAO

· IATA (International Air Transport Association), ISAGO Checklist.

CRPD, International Convention of the rights of people with disabilities.

Why special attention will provide these passengers?

It is essential to provide care worthy and suitable for passengers with special needs for purpose of complying with the laws and standards national and international.

Train the staff that provides this service will prevent claims and demands by poor care or lack of it.

Involve people with disabilities and/or special needs in training, reinforce the learning and the empathy.

It is essential to provide care worthy and suitable for passengers with special needs in order to comply with the laws and raise staff standards will allow an interaction more effective with users, which in turn will improve the public relations of the airline.

Great service with trained and knowledgeable about the rules and techniques of care to the public, improve the perception towards the company, which It will benefit the preference of the passengers.

Achieving compliance with legislation will avoid penalties and fines.

What the aim general of training?

Provide passengers with special needs quality service, complying with national and international legal provisions.

Specifically what is intended is...

· Comply with the regulations.

· Having trained, sensitize and suitable staff to carry out their functions.

· Avoid accidents, claims and complaints, as well as sanctions and fines and lawsuits.

· Contribute to the positive the airline's image by providing a good experience for the passengers.

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