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Actualizado: 6 de jun de 2019

We are a conglomerate of companies specializing in touristic services.

We are leaders in Transportation, Assistance in Irregular Aeronautical Operations and Tour Operations DMC within the main destinations of Mexico, the Caribbean and South America.

Over 40 years offering Representation, legal, administrative services, Customer Services and Ground Handling Services for international charter and scheduled airlines.

Ground Service, 36,000 passengers per year: CUN, SJD, MID, PUJ & BOG

Touristic Transportation B2C

1.7 million passengers per year/ 320 vehicles

Touristic Transportation B2C

Luxury Touristic Transportation, Suburbans and cars Audi A4 2017-2018

DMC, 16 Sold tours

Destinations weddings, CUN, MID, SJD, VRT y PUJ

Branding and marketing, 45 million kilometers traveled per van with advertising


· Pioneer company in the touristic transportation in Cancun.

· Wide experience with more than 20 years operation in Cancun International Airport and other destinations.

· Qualified staff and advanced services.

· Approved by the international company Super Shuttle to operate private and shared transportation services.

In 2017 We transported 1.8 million passengers from direct selling in our ticket office


- Volkswagen Jetta

- Volkswagen Eurovan

- GM Suburban

- Volkswagen Crafter

- Audi A4

- Toyota Hiace

Security and Technology

New vehicles, insurance comprehensive coverage, equipped with satellite radio, GPS, Wi-Fi connection onboard and HR Pick Up tracking.

Fleet Care

We have our own automotive workshop, certified by Volkswagen.


We are a company that offers excellence transportation services measured by international quality standards ISO 90001 2008.

We are the only company that has presence at every terminal of the Cancun International Airport.

We offer luxury transportation services in Cancun, Quintana Roo, being the best option to travel more comfortable and with a premier service.


Trips out of the city

Transfer to the Airport


We are a company dedicated to assist passengers in irregular air operations, working with the world’s biggest airlines.

We have commercial agreements with 4 and 5 stars hotels subject to availability.

Assistance to passengers:

· Warm, friendly and professional service.

· Special unit for wheelchair transportation.

· Fore front staff, services and vehicles.

· Shared Service Unit with the most accessible price.

· Customer service 24/7 at 01 800 021 8087.

Advertising: An Endless Travel Group service dedicated to provide advertising space to different brands, using as a tool our vehicles.

Our goal is to increase the positioning and recognition of the brands of our advertisers.


In the receptive area, we provide agencies and tour operators, transportation services and sales of activities in:

· Punta Cana

· Cancún

· Mérida

· Puerto Vallarta

· Los Cabos

· Bogotá

Technological Advantages

HR-Pick Up Tracking System

HR - Pick Up Tracking is a vanguard system developed by Endless Travel Group to confirm the pick-up, which gives us an important competitive advantage, positioning us as a business group highly technological that offers the best tools to their users and clients.

§ Access to the information in real time. Representatives of the hospitality service.

§ Reception of sales notifications with information about the customer, to offer them tours as soon as they arrive at the hotel from the airport.

§ Follow up of the van to know the exact moment when the passenger arrives at his destination.

§ Our passengers know the exact location of their van.

§ Passengers can monitor their van to know about the pickup time, name of the driver and number of the van.

§ Access to immediate communication channels for any unexpected event: call center, phone call, or chat.

Tour Operation DMC

§ Customized Contact Banner at arrival.

§ Welcome briefing with amenities.

· Warm welcome for Expedia’s passengers before boarding and during their transportation.

· Emphasis on personal assistance on board and during the stay at the Hotel.

· Hotel Representative at hospitality desk for confirmation back to the Airport.

· Wet towel and cold water are provided to passengers with Private Service.

· Partnership Card for passengers with special discounts and priority for boarding.

Tour Operation DMC

§ Safe and quality transportation services.

§ Hotel Assistance and excursions and touristic activities selling.

§ Transportation back to the airport.

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